Guaranteed shipping cost reduction

Don’t spend months looking for the best cost-savings solution.
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Customers that source through Shipmint experience 65% shorter buying cycles and double the ROI.

By consolidating the shipping consultant market into one place and creating targeted bidding events, Shipmint allows customers to complete sourcing projects in 65% less time while doubling their bottom-line returns when compared with standard, in-house initiatives.

That means:

  • Less Time Wasted on Sales Pitches and Value Proposition
  • More Time Focused on Your Business, Not the General Market
  • Total Consultant Fee Transparency

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Our Streamlined Process


Step-by-step instructions walk you through how to access and upload the data providers need to analyze your shipments and project savings.


Shop providers from a single, consolidated screen. Select the ones you like and invite them to submit a proposal with the click of a button.


Review offers based on projected bottom-line ROI to de-risk the initiative and to ensure you hire the provider that's best for your business.

Additional User Benefits

Project Management

Your Shipmint admin panel will keep you up-to-date with real-time updates on vendors you’ve invited. Answer questions, review and compare bids, schedule follow up meetings, accept or decline proposals and more – all from one convenient screen.

Business Intelligence

Shipmint automatically normalizes your data so you can look at it the same way carriers or consultants would. View your characteristics in a way that is easy to understand and that highlights key points qualified candidates should focus on.

Our Mission

To help customers achieve
lower shipping costs in less time.

Shipmint is committed to helping you successfully plan, execute and implement the most effective shipping cost reduction strategy for your company. Our goal is to deliver the most guaranteed bottom-line savings in the industry and to do it faster than anyone else.