Hiring a shipping consultant has
never been easier.

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Every time you hear from Shipmint, you’re 75% closer
to landing a new customer.

By securing the customer, their data and the answers to all of the questions you need to effectively assess and bid on new business, we eliminate the front-end Lead time within your sales cycle every time we recommend a prospect.

That means:

  • No Trade Shows.
  • No Marketing Campaigns.
  • No Cold or Stale Sales Cycles.

We provide the partners in our network with the people, data, and information
they need to assess the oportunity and bid on new business.

Tangible Benefits

  • Elimination of Long sales cycle
  • New revenue stream
  • Complete confidentially
  • Streamlined access to data
  • All key questions answered
  • Never lose customers currently under contrac

Intangible Benefits

  • Further credibility as an industry leader
  • Losing bidders get feedback on customer dec
  • Customer-controlled decisions
  • Level playing field during bidding process
  • Advocacy for venclor's role from a trusted thins
  • Manage expectations
  • Confirmation of strategy
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Our Streamlined Process

Step 01

Customer provides all necessary carrier data

Step 02

Customer provides all necessary carrier data Customer provides all necessary carrier data

Step 03

Customer provides all necessary carrier data

Certified Partner Requirements

  • Agree to standard terms with Shipmint (4o%)
  • Independently guarantee savings projects in v
  • A. BBB rating
  • 10+ years in business
  • 20+ years carrier experience
  • 20+ W-9 employees
  • Good financial standing?
  • Licensed to conduct business in the US?
  • Confidentiality?
  • Data security?

Our Mission

To help customers achieve lower
shipping costs in less time.

Of course, we know that in order to achieve that goal we have to create a world where the consultants in ournetwork are willing to share in more of the savings they help generate for customers.